“5 Crucial Considerations Before Remodeling Your Home”

Home Renovations

Determine A Budget

Only you know how far your dollar can stretch when applied to the vision you have for your dream home. Be open and honest with yourself and your contractor to consider the big picture wish list and contingencies that can arise. You do not want to deplete your budget, then be left to cut corners as the job nears completion.

Your Commitment to “The One”

When choosing “the one,” who will be spending considerable time in your home, trusted referrals are a strong start, followed by reference checks and a quote that is realistic and all-inclusive. Create a list of non-negotiables that clearly outline what are a must. For example, the construction company must be bonded and insured, value engineering is a huge plus, and skilled labor is critical. Experience and reputation are priorities, as are client testimonials relating to a range of jobs.

Living with The Decision

You’ve committed funds to an experienced contractor. Now comes daily life for the duration of your project amidst the demo and rough carpentry, followed by electrical, plumbing and possibly HVAC rough-in work. Drywall, finish carpentry and tile trades are likely next and, finally, plumbing and electrical to install various fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. Plan ahead, and create accommodations for your family to function on a daily basis in terms of meal preparation, bathing, and safekeeping valuable items.

Function over Form

Avoid placing aesthetic priorities over function. Your home’s foundation is key to a whole home remodel, kitchen and bath remodel and room addition. Ensure that you don’t make the costly mistake of overlooking key areas that need repair prior to adding paint, installing cabinets, counters or flooring.

It Is Material

Choose quality materials to coincide with the significant investment being made in your home. Know the distinction between cheap and a good value, particularly when selecting paint, cabinetry and flooring.

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