Palm Desert CA Custom Home Builder - RBCAt RBC Construction, we have the experience and the expertise to provide the following services to Palm Desert, CA residents:

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We provide new construction, home remodeling, and design build services throughout Riverside County CA.

Making Smart Choices About Palm Desert Custom Home Builders

If you have decided to look for a new home in Palm Desert, you have a number of options to choose from. If you prefer a standard, basic home that has already been built, there are a number of communities, referred to as subdivisions or track homes that have been built by various large developers in the area. They are a good idea if you need to move into a home pretty quickly and do not want to spend too much money. Of course, you have to accept the fact that your home is likely to look most of the others in the neighborhood.

However, if you are a homebuyer with the goal of owning a custom designed home that stands apart from the others, there are several home builders in Palm Desert to choose from with good reputations.

At RBC Construction, we specialize in designing and building gorgeous contemporary style homes in the Palm Desert area for both primary homeowners and those who choose to own a vacation home in the Desert.

New Home Builder Palm Desert

Large is not Synonymous with Luxury

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, homeowners believed that a stunning custom built home had to be very large. Of course, at that time, land wasn’t quite as costly as it is today and the economy was strong. However, today most people understand that getting in over your head and building the absolute biggest home you may (or may not) be able to afford is not the smartest idea. Our clients understand that luxury does not mean a palatial home on a substantial piece of property. Luxury actually comes in a variety of sizes.

At RBC Construction, we were founded on the principle that we do not want to be everything to everyone. Yes, there is a market for enormous homes in and around Palm Desert and there are plenty of home builders who are happy to build them. However, that is not the only thing we do at RBC Construction. We are here for the homeowners who want a home that is the only one of its kind and truly special, with an emphasis on unparalleled detail, regardless of size.

Before You Commit, Research Palm Desert Home Builders

Whether your goal is to design and build a new home or simply revamp your current home with a large scale remodeling project, it is definitely worth taking the time and effort to research and assess your options. After all, you will spending your hard earned money, as well as several months of your time with your design build team and/ or builder, so you want to be certain that they can deliver the home you want, as well as fit your personality.

At RBC Construction, another one of our principles focus on providing first class service. When you decide to work with us, we want you to feel comfortable with every decision, both big and small, at every stage of the home designing and building process. From laying out the perfect floor plan to selecting your design scheme and choosing your fixtures and appliances, we want to make certain you have all the information you need to make confident, informed decisions about your new dream home.

Architects in Palm Desert CA

We Provide Integrated Design Build Services

Although we are happy to work with homeowners who have already created a set of home plans with a trusted Palm Desert area architect, we also offer an integrated design build service. Thanks to this approach, we provide a single solution for designing and building your new home in Palm Desert. We sit at the same table as several of the area’s best architects, who have slightly different styles, when conceiving and designing your new home. Because the architect and builder are on the same page from the first day, we can design the perfect home according to your plans and budget. This eliminates the frequent revision process that is so common when the architect and home builder work apart from each other.

We have found that clients prefer this approach because it makes their lives much easier. Acting as your design build team and luxury home builder, we facilitate every aspect of the project to decrease the scheduling and administrative work on your part. As a result, you can have your gorgeous new home completed slightly faster and for less money than when the architect and builder work separately.

Even though some homeowners may need to make changes in their living quarters, they are not always looking to move from one residence to another. Instead, they may prefer to renovate the current place that they are living in. This is one of the top reasons why we offer a wide diversity of services to homeowners who want to customize certain places in their homes.

In these situations, we offer collaborative designs to homeowners in Palm Desert, CA areas. Therefore, to homeowners who are looking to renovate and customize their homes, they should consider what we offer for the following services:

  • Master Suites
  • Outdoor Living
  • Pool Houses & Cabanas
  • Whole Home Renovations
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Great Rooms
  • Additions

Palm Desert Remodeling Contractors 

Homeowners can work with our remodeling contractors to ensure that their homes meet their standards. Our primary goal is to work with homeowners to ensure the designs that they choose are truly theirs. From completely remodeling the kitchen areas with the family’s total convenience in mind, to adding additional rooms for children as they begin to grow. We offer a full range of custom renovation services to all of the clients that we work with.

In some situations our clients may decide to make changes to the homes for the purposes of entertainment. To cater to this need, our teams are equipped with the latest knowledge in the industry. With the information that we have gained over the years, we can help homeowners to redesign their homes to build the ideal atmospheres. Specifically in cases where the couples are going through the empty nester transition.

Regardless to the reason or reasons for wanting to remodel your home in Palm Desert, California, RBC Construction will work with you as the client to ensure these changes are made without all of the stress and hassles that normally goes along with making different types of remodeling changes.

Palm Desert Kitchen Remodeling 

One of the most popular areas for renovations in many homes is the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the area that the family spends a lot of time in, it is a place that many homeowners like to make as comfortable as possible. The kitchen is also the area that people like to update with the latest innovations in the construction industry. For example, the homeowner may want to completely redesign and reposition everything thing in the kitchen, from replacing all of the kitchen cabinets and isles, to installing all new kitchen plumbing. This is the area that many homeowners want to completely re-do.

For those who are considering the kitchen area for remodeling, it is also important to note that this is also area that homeowners can get the biggest return investment for the money that they spend. This is because an updated kitchen can also increase the value of the home substantially. Because this is one of RBC design specialities, we work with each homeowner to ensure they achieve the look that they expect within the budget that they have allotted. It does not matter if it is a minor change to the kitchen or a complete revision, we know how to enhance and maximize any type of space that we work with.

Palm Desert CA Remodeling Services that We Offer: 

  • Lighting and fixtures
  • Custom cabinetry and millwork
  • Custom tile and backsplashes
  • Islands and peninsulas
  • Breakfast bars and breakfast nooks
  • Chef’s kitchens
  • Kitchen additions and bump-outs
  • Kitchen counters, including granite and marble
  • Eat-in kitchens
  • Outdoor kitchens

Palm Desert Bathroom Remodeling 

In addition to kitchen remodeling services, we also offer bathrooms renovations for homeowners as well. This also because the bathrooms in the home are the 2nd most requested remodeling and renovation projects. In some cases, the homeowner may want to remodel the master bathroom in the home first since it is an area that they will spend most of their time. Another popular area for renovations is the powder rooms because people prefer this area looks inviting for themselves and their guests. With this in mind, here’s some of the top services that we offer.

Palm Desert Area Bathroom Remodeling Services: 

  • Jack and Jill bathrooms
  • Custom tile and backsplash
  • Custom vanities and cabinets
  • Spa bathrooms and spa showers
  • Jacuzzis and soaking tubs
  • Outdoor bathrooms
  • Guest bathrooms
  • Bathroom fireplaces
  • Master bathrooms
  • Master suites
  • Full bathroom renovations
  • Powder rooms

If you have any questions or concerns about your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, please feel free to contact RBC Construction for your complimentary consultation.

“RBC Construction did a bathroom remodel at my house. The work was impeccable, the people performing the work were clean and courteous, Ron and his team did everything in a professional and timely manner. We would recommend his company to anyone.”

– Brad Robertson
Palm Desert, CA

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Whether you are just starting the process of designing and building a new home or you are already working with a Palm Desert area architect, we invite you to contact us at RBC Construction to schedule a meeting and discuss your project. We can come to your home or you can come to our convenient Riverside County office. We look forward to meeting with you and learning about your new home plans. We are also available to provide any education you may desire about the process of constructing a new home or completing a large scale remodeling project. We do this to ensure you have all the information you need to make the decisions that best fit your needs.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ron Bierma, founder and President of RBC Construction, enjoys working with residents in the California Desert area, including Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Cathedral City, Indio, Rancho Mirage, and other local areas.

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