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Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Homeowners Make  

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of acting as the general contractor for your kitchen renovation, pat yourself on the back. Overseeing a remodeling project is no simple task, but can be well worth it for homeowners who are good with finances, people, management, and problem-solving. If you’ve never before managed a renovation undertaking, though, be aware of some common mistakes homeowners often make during the process. Educating yourself and finding companies you can trust is vital to achieving a finished product you will be happy with.

Contracting a Poor Cabinet Design & Installation Team

Nothing screams “unprofessional” like inferior cabinetry in a brand new kitchen. Storage, efficiency, and functionality are each vastly reduced, as well as interference with appliances. A substandard installer might misuse materials that will then need to be re-ordered, install uneven cabinets that won’t allow for countertop installation, or make mistakes which void cabinet warranties. Incorrectly installed cabinets will result in costly and time-consuming oversights, which will require mediation by a professional, delaying your project by several weeks. Selecting a qualified company that has hands-on design and installation experience will ensure a higher performance of your kitchen, maximizing storage and allowing the proper clearances for all appliances to operate as intended – the first time!

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Purchasing Ready to Assemble (RTA) or Import Cabinets

Most RTA cabinets have a poor 1-step finish that does not last long term. What’s more, they don’t come with a warranty and are not approved by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, who ensures you are getting a quality product. Without a warranty, you’re left searching for replacement parts that are often out of stock and likely won’t match the finish on your cabinets. Imported cabinets are not made with the same regulations we adhere to, resulting in non-sustainable materials being used. Finally, you are constrained to limited styles, sizes, and options in RTA cabinets; consequently, you will need to design your new space around the product rather than finding a product that fits your design and space.

Hiring Unlicensed or Uninsured Contractors

Perhaps one of the most dangerous mistakes a homeowner can make is to hire a contractor who isn’t licensed and insured. Without a contractor’s license, a contractor is unable to secure liability insurance or workers compensation insurance, thus putting the homeowner in grave financial risk in the event of damage to property or injury of the contractor. As the homeowner and the sole party carrying insurance, you are liable for any damages and responsible monetarily.

Failing to Obtain Necessary Permits and Structural Plans

Permits are almost always required for a remodeling project, but securing them is not as difficult as most might think. Permits ensure that your electrical, plumbing, and other trades are installed per your city’s current code and meet safety requirements. In some cases, structural plans aren’t necessary, but it is important to get a professional assessment by an engineer for this determination. A home’s structure is deliberately planned from an engineering standpoint, so modifying the structure without proper plans can result in severe damage to your home and possible injury to its inhabitants.

Employing the Lowest Bidder

A phrase often used when comparing bids is “apples to apples.” Frequently the cheapest bid is accompanied by the worst craftsmanship and incomplete project scope. As contractors we all approach a project differently; a knowledgeable and skilled contractor will likely not be your cheapest option. However, their experience will result in a more comprehensive bid than you will receive from a “less expensive” competitor. A low price typically means several essential aspects to the project have been omitted, sometimes even intentionally. A middle of the road bid will more accurately reflect the components of a complete project you will be happy with.

Parting Thoughts

Hopefully becoming acquainted with these commonly made mistakes will help you avoid making them in your upcoming kitchen renovation. For more information on how to achieve a successful kitchen remodel, we invite you to get in touch and schedule a consultation with one of the cabinetry specialists at RBC Construction. We design and install beautiful custom cabinets that will perfectly suit your new kitchen space.

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Demand Remains High for Palm Springs Real Estate

Custom Home Builders and Architects in Palm Springs CAAccording to a recent article in Palm Springs Life, the demand to live in Palm Springs has remained high, as La Quinta struggles with too much housing inventory.

Palm Springs is the largest city by land area in Riverside County, and was first developed in the 1930s. For the past eighty years, the town has been a destination for Holywood’s elite and second home owners throughout the United States.

Although every town in the Valley was affected during the housing crash beginning in 2008, Palm Springs remained a desirable area, but was never really overbuilt. Neighboring La Quinta, no the other hand, may have been slightly overbuilt, as there is currently an over-supply in available homes.

As the economy continues to improve, the Palm Springs lifestyle remains an attractive destination for homeowners and home buyers. For those who already live in the area and who may be looking to remodel or even build new, we invite you to contact RBC Construction to learn more about our custom home building, remodeling, and design build services. As well, if you are looking to relocate or pick up a second or third home in the Palm Springs or Palm Desert area, feel free to call to ask some pressing questions. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Riverside County Housing Market Remains Strong

Riverside County CA Custom Home Builders - RBC ConstructionAccording to a recent LA Times article about the Southern California housing market, the number of homes for sale is up 25% compared to just one year ago. The Inland Empire, consisting of the area east of Los Angeles and including Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and portions of Eastern Los Angeles County, has seen a strengthening housing market in recent months.

The article cites an improved economy, increased consumer confidence, and potentially rising interest rates in the near future as reasons for the active Southern California market.

Some home buyers have been frustrated because homes tend to sell for at or above asking price within days or weeks of being listed on the market. This indicates that supply is not yet keeping up with demand in these areas.

“It’s like, ‘Everyone can go to Disneyland!’ But the lines are really long. So not everybody gets to ride.”

While we see some home builders building communities and single homes on spec, the market still isn’t where it was a decade ago when Riverside County custom home builders were taking large risks.

At RBC Construction, we’re happy that there is a lot of activity in our local market, but we’re not running out to build spec homes. We are focused on our specialty, which is designing and building custom homes specifically suited for homeowners who demand nothing but the best.

If you are looking to build in the Riverside County or San Bernardino County area, contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation and we’ll help you get started on the right foot.

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Palm Desert Architects That Inspire

Palm Desert Architects That Inspire - RBC ConstructionAs a Design Build Firm in Southern California, we are always looking to residential architects and designers for inspiration and to stay at the top of the latest trends and developments in the Palm Desert and Palm Springs communities.

While there are dozens of architects in Riverside County, CA, we’re going to highlight 6 architects whose style we admire and who design the types of homes that we like building.

As the Palm Desert area is especially robust right now with new home building and custom home remodeling, architects, designers, and custom home builders are keeping quite busy.

Whether you are looking to build a new home in the area or remodel your existing home to suit your changing needs and tastes, here are 6 Palm Desert architects to keep you eye on.

Kristi Hanson Architects, Inc. 

South Coast Architects (Frank Stolz)

Axis 3 Architecture, Inc. (Stephen Stigler)

McAuliffe & Co. Architects (Michael McAuliffe)

JMA Architecture (James McIntosh)

David R. Olson Architects

Palm Desert Architect Research

Starting with the group of 6 above should provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration.  If you’re still looking for more, or you’re looking for an architect or designer in another area of Southern California, head on over to Houzz to find professionals in your area.

Palm Desert sits in the heart of the Coachella Valley of California and is about 120 miles east of Los Angeles. It is a popular destination for snowbirds who live most of the year in other parts of the United States. However, more and more people are moving to the Palm Desert and Palm Springs areas full time.

For homeowners or home buyers looking to build new or remodel their existing homes, we invite you to contact us at RBC Construction to learn more about our services and how we can help build your dream home.

The Vintage Club Continues to Gain in Popularity

Home Remodeling at the Vintage Club in Indian Wells CAPerfectly positioned at the base of Eisenhower Mountain, The Vintage Club in Indian Wells continues to solidify itself as one of the premier country clubs in California.

The 700 acre property is home to 2 distinctly designed golf courses, the Mountain Course and the Desert Course, a beautiful 85,000 square foot clubhouse, an 18,000 square foot fitness and wellness center, and nearly 500 private luxury residences.

Indian Wells is a hidden gem nestled in between Palm Desert and La Quinta, CA.

The residences range from condos that are valued at around $500,000 to custom luxury homes that range from $2 to $20 million. Although most of the homes are occupied, there are still a few remaining building lots available for discerning homeowners looking to become a part of the community.

Most of the residences are already built, but you can find complete listings of available homes on the Vintage Club Real Estate website. The website is very helpful, as it provides photos, maps, and detailed descriptions of each property.

For those home buyers looking to purchase a home at The Vintage Club and customize it to make it truly their own, RBC Construction can provide a complete design build solution to help you transform your vision into reality. All of our relationships begin with a complimentary consultation where we ask a lot of questions to learn about you, your lifestyle, and the goals you have for your newly renovated home. This information enables us to develop a concept and design that fit exactly what you are looking for.

Every project is different, and that’s exactly what we love. We don’t particularly enjoy working on tract house projects or standard layouts. We get excited about projects that are outside the norm and include features that are not common in home remodeling and custom home building. We want to expand our creative muscles with each new project we do, and we would love the opportunity to work with you on your next Vintage Club home remodeling project.

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