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Whole House Remodeling Indian Wells CAWhen you want to give your home a whole new look or you are interested in designing and building a brand new one, choose RBC Construction for the very best in home construction services. Not only will you receive work that surpasses the rest of the competition, you also enjoy a stress-free experience and rates that are both honest and fair. RBC Construction offers the following services:

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation, and let’s start bringing all your ideas to life. We begin by sitting with you, answering any questions you may have, and discussing your goals for the project. Once we iron out the main details, we’ll establish a schedule, day of completion and go to work.

Choosing Intelligently About Indian Wells Custom Home Builders

Once you have decided to put your current Indian Wells, CA home on the market and invest in another one, it is important to know what you are really looking for. Maybe your family has expanded over the years. In that case, a larger home would be more appropriate. On the other hand, if your kids have all moved out or gone away to college, you may be more interested in a smaller property. These are just a few of the examples, but one thing is for sure, Indian Wells has a lot of options available.

For people who are interested in having a custom home built to their exact speculations, RBC Construction has the experience and the expertise to get the job completed right. Our team provides you with exactly the home you are dreaming of.

Luxury Doesn’t Just Come in Large Sizes

Many homeowners used to believe that luxury only came with large sized homes, and that’s just not true. In fact, with the cost of properties as much as they are these days, more and more buyers are realizing that they may not need such a large home and can incorporate many luxurious features into a smaller property.

Here at RBC Construction, we have built our business on the idea that each home we create should be custom built to the specific needs of the buyer. This includes delivering tailored design no matter how big or small the house it is that we are building.

Research All of Your Available Options

 Custom Home Building Indian Wells CAIt does not matter if you are looking to remodel your current home or you are interested in designing and building a brand new one, you should always weigh all of your options and do the proper research, so you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the finished product.

Remodeling and building a home in the Indian Wells community can both be quite an expensive investment, and we understand that. That’s why we not only want to make sure you are comfortable with the project, but you also receive a stress-free experience.

We do this by making sure you are well informed about the materials you are interested in using, choosing the right construction design for your personal needs, selecting the most appropriate finishings for the interior of your home and answering any questions you may have. In the end, you and your family are going to be the ones living in the home, so it is essential that you are happy once the project is complete.

You Will Appreciate Our Cohesive Design Build Services

At RBC Construction, we are more than willing to work with any client who has already had a reputable architect design a set of home plans for them. However, for customers that have not, we offer cohesive design build services for their convenience.

The cohesive design build services we offer serve as a one-step solution. It does this by bringing builders and architects all with different styles to one room. By having all of these professionals working together, we are able to come up with the right design and building process that very day. Not only does this eliminate the need for multiple revisions, it also helps us stay within our client’s established budget. Our clients tend to favor this approach, because our process also:

  • Reduces the scheduling and administrative work responsible by the client.
  • Offers a quicker and less expensive method in comparison to having the architects and builders work separately.
  • Provides our client with a much more stress-free experience and makes their life a whole lot easier.

In addition to all these benefits, our cohesive design build services also lets our team of professionals analyze every facet of the project and immediately identify any unnecessary problems that could possibly cause a concern down the road.

Kitchen Remodeling Indian Wells CAAlthough several of our clients are interested in changing their place of residence, many simply want to avoid the hassle of moving and choose to remodel their current home. Our extensive array of services gives us the ability to not only provide a large selection of collaborative designs, but also deliver exactly what our clients envision. Our home remodeling services include:

  • Kitchens
  • Whole home renovations
  • Master suites
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Great rooms
  • Home additions
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Pool houses and cabanas

Indian Wells Home Remodeling Contractors

Your satisfaction is our main concern, and that’s why we encourage every client we work with to keep an open line of communication with our remodeling contractors. This helps ensure that our customer’s standards are always met with every home we build for them.

Our main goal is to work side-by-side with our clients to help guarantee that the designs they are choosing are customized to their personal needs and tastes. From designing a floor plan that accommodates to the family’s busy lifestyle to adding additional living space for a growing household, we always provide each and every client with an extremely comprehensive selection of remodeling services for their satisfaction.

For clients that are interested in having their home remodeled for entertainment purposes, we also have extensive expertise in the area. We are always up-to-date on the latest trends and technology, and our past work experience speaks for itself. Our entertainment remodeling services can include anything from creating man caves, wine cellars, game rooms, home theaters and much more.

Indian Wells Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and that’s why it is the most common area in the house to be remodeled. From getting together for a family dinner to having your first morning cup of coffee, the kitchen is where most households spend a lot of their time.

Kitchens are also the most common place in the home to integrate state-of-the-art products and fresh new designs. This can include anything from energy efficient appliances to new flooring to advanced lighting styles and more. The options are endless.

Besides upgrading the look and performance of your kitchen, another fantastic benefit to remodeling is the value you add to your home. Many buyers in today’s market are very interested in homes with a newly designed kitchen. In fact, if you should ever decide to sell your home, there’s a good chance you will make more than you originally paid for it.

Once you decide that it is time to invest in a kitchen remodeling job, hire our professionals here at RBC Construction. Kitchen remodeling is one of the areas that we specialize in, and we always work directly with our clients to ensure that they get the kitchen they want while also staying within the established budget. Our wide selection of kitchen remodeling services includes:

  • Custom tile and backsplashes
  • Eat-in kitchens
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Islands and peninsulas
  • Breakfast bars and breakfast nooks
  • Chef’s kitchens
  • Lighting and fixtures
  • Custom cabinetry and millwork
  • Kitchen additions and bump-outs
  • Stone countertops

Indian Wells Bathroom Remodeling Services

 Bathroom Remodeling Indian Wells CAIf you are tired of thinking about your perfect bathroom, let RBC Construction bring your dreams to reality. Whether you want to increase the size or give it a whole new look, you can feel confident knowing that bathroom remodeling is another specialty area of ours. Our full list of bathroom remodeling services includes:

  • Master baths and suites
  • Custom vanities and cabinets
  • Spa bathrooms and showers
  • Jacuzzis and soaking tubs
  • Outdoor bathrooms
  • Bathroom fireplaces
  • Custom tile and backsplash
  • Guest bathrooms
  • Full bathroom renovations
  • Powder rooms

In addition to remodeling and expanding your bathroom, we can also design and build you a brand new one as well. This is a fantastic choice for families that have grown substantially over the years. There’s nothing worse than having to wait in line to use the bathroom when you have to make an early meeting. Let us help make your life a little bit easier with top-notch bathroom building services.

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